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There is a great variety in the quality of moving companies in Toronto, ON. With a low barrier to entry and little regulation for its workers, many Toronto moving companies have come under fire for less than stellar performance. But that doesn’t have to be the case with your move.

Performing your due diligence when comparing Toronto moving companies and collecting moving quotes allows you to fill confident in your selection and hire a moving company in Toronto that cares about your needs and guarantees professional and positive experience.

If you research what the market offers, you might get exactly what you need from your Toronto moving company and possibly end up with considerable savings.

We prepared a few tips below on how to compare Toronto moving quotes effectively.

  1. Free vs. Obligation

    Some Toronto moving companies will offer you a quote based on the pre-estimated weight (or volume: see #2) of your belongings. In other words: a good moving company in Toronto will give you a non-obligation (free) quote for moving services.

    And then there are those Toronto moving companies which offer binding estimates. This means the price you pay is fixed. However, this type of quote is different than the ‘not-to-exceed’ alternative. So, when you contact a moving company in Toronto, ask them about the type of moving quote you are receiving and take notes, so you won’t forget important details.

    But all this naturally raises a question: what are those moving quotes based on?

  2. Weight And Volume

    Naturally, the more space your belongings occupy (or for other companies, the more they weight), the higher your final price for the move will be. Volume plays a big role in your moving quote. Most Canadian moving companies, including us, charge per hour and per mover.

    For a large amount of luggage and furniture, your Toronto moving company can send more people and a bigger truck or couple trucks. Sometimes, hiring more Toronto movers can save a lot of time, so it’s quite relevant to consider that. In any case, it’s best if you get rid of some items you don’t need anymore before you move.

  3. Additional Services

    In most cases of a regular move, there is no need for you to consider charges for additional Toronto moving services. Especially when you don’t have any fragile items that usually require special handling, such as artwork or musical instruments. And then there are times when you need to move a piano and things get a little bit more complicated,  so you might need to hire an additional moving service in Toronto.


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