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Every move is unique in its own way and each move will always be different. Generalized guidelines for pricing can be followed based on square footage and how many bedrooms a home has, but to get a more accurate moving estimate we really need to consider the following factors:

  • Volume. Someone who has lived in a home for 30 years vs. someone who has only lived in a home for 5 years will definitely have different moving expenses even if they have similar size homes, as the volume of items contained within will vary greatly.
  • Access to the pick-up location and drop off location will also drastically affect the flow of the move. Although most people may think the access to their home is fairly generous, they don’t realize that when we are moving items all day, each and every step that is added to the equation prolongs the move, and ultimately leads to a larger final bill.
  • Loose items are a time killer. In order to avoid lengthening of the move (and an increase to the final bill), box everything you can.
  • Travel time always needs to be considered and understood properly and to help you understand how it works, here is the breakdown. The “travel time” on a move is typically a flat fee that is added on the final bill. It is a necessary charge, and clients need to understand that there is a cost in running a truck and crew even if they have not officially arrived at their home for a move. It should not be confused with the time the movers spend travelling between addresses, as this is considered a part of the move and is covered under the hourly rate.
  • Preparing furniture for a move is another area that may affect your moving estimate. When dealing with furniture, it is very important to assess the weight as well as how delicate the piece may be. Obviously when dealing with heavy antique items, prep time will significantly increase or even double since much more attention and care are needed when prepping and transporting items.
  • Moving crew number: when it comes to supplying a moving crew, less does not necessarily mean cheaper as when it comes to man power, efficiency is the key. Many clients mistakenly opt for less crew members when booking their move because on paper the lower hourly rate may seem like a more logical choice to save money. A professional moving company can help to make a recommendation on the optimum size of the moving crew, and there are times when a 3 man crew is a better choice than a 4 man crew, and vice versa.

How to Ensure an Accurate Toronto Moving Estimate

The best thing you can do to ensure a Toronto moving quote is accurate is to fully discuss what is coming on the move with a professional  Toronto moving company, especially when receiving a quote over the phone. A professional moving company in Toronto will ask the right questions in order to make sure they get any necessary information.

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