How to Move Your Car During a Long Distance Move in Canada

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If you are moving to the other side of Toronto, ON or anywhere else in Canada, moving your car is hardly going to be an issue. But when it comes to long distance moving strategies, the situation is very different. Chances are you don’t want to leave it behind, and you’ll hardly get bids in your yard sale.

While a local or short distance move presents a no-brainer ‘drive-it-yourself’ solution, a move that takes you hundreds or thousands of miles away is a bit more complicated. But you’ve got options.

Since the question comes up from time to time, we’ve developed a short list of the best answers. Here is a shortlist of 5 of them.

5 Options To Consider When Moving Your Car:

  1. Drive it Yourself – For most people, this is exactly how they do it, combining a move across country with a fun road trip. It’s ideal when your new location is not very far away and you can make the journey in a day or two. But crossing the continent can take several days, and you may not have the time to do it. Besides, between motel rooms, gas, food and other bits and pieces, the cost can end up being more significant than you thought. So, think hard about the pros and cons, but there is little doubt that driving your car yourself is the option with the least hassle involved.
  2. Turn to a Driveaway Service – It’s arguably the least commonly considered option, but it is a practical one. You give your car to a driveaway service, tell them where and when you want it delivered, and they match it with an individual looking for transportation to the same city. It’s kind of like a car rental company where you donate the car! Don’t worry, your vehicle is covered by the company’s insurance, and with drivers leaving a fairly heavy deposit as well as ID, you’ve got a good margin of safety built-in. Commonly used by companies, they also accept individuals’ cars. There are several driveaway companies operating from the Toronto area and across North America (just Google “driveaway car services”), but be sure to check any company out before committing to them.
  3. Let Your Moving Company Move It – This depends on the size of your car, but you may be able to load your car onto the moving truck you’re already using. It’s a viable option when you need more than one truck, with the second not completely full. Just keep in mind the cost since your long distance moving service is charged by weight and distance, rather than by the hour. A car (as well you know) is pretty heavy! Ask your Toronto moving company how they can accommodate you.
  4. Hire a Professional Vehicle Moving Service in Toronto – There are car shippers around that will load your vehicle on a carrier, along with several others, and drive them to your new city. In some cases, they load it onto a freight train, minimizing the time needed. Obviously, moving your car this way is going to cost a good few extra dollars, but there are some positives:
    • You car is covered by the transportation company’s insurance, at least while in transit (check the particulars first)
    • You can rest easy your car will be delivered without a scratch
    • Your car’s mileage doesn’t increase
    • Wear and tear is avoided

    If you do choose this option, get a quote and check the details before committing yourself. They will need to know the drop-off point, but not all will deliver to your door. You may have to pick your vehicle up at a designated lot, and a storage fee may be charged if there’s a number of days between arriving and you picking it up.

  5. Don’t Move It, Just Sell It – Finally, sell your car instead of moving your car. Bear in mind not all provinces in Canada share the same vehicle emissions testing laws, so a vehicle that’s deemed be fine in New Brunswick might not be okay in British Columbia. The same issues need to be considered when moving to the US, making selling up and buying a new car a logical decision. Check out the different laws in the AAA/CAA website.

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