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In many people’s eyes, the concepts of moving and storage are quite separate. One is all about keeping items together in one place, while the other one is all about transporting items to another place. In fact, frequently they are both essential components in the overall moving project – especially long distance moving to or from Toronto, ON or elsewhere in Canada.

For many homeowners looking to move from one city to another there can be some tough decisions involved. For example, not everything can be moved at the same time. And even when they can, the distance that needs to be covered can be too far for a non-stop journey to be practical. A lot, therefore, depends on your destination and the schedule you have. There’s a lot of aspects that need attention when moving, and storage offers some flexibility when the move is over long distances taking more than one day.

So what situations could come up that necessitate the use of storage facilities as part of your move? As some of the top Toronto movers, we happen to have experience in this area and prepared some tips for you below.

Reasons You’ll Need Toronto Storage Services

Toronto storage facility can sometimes be a useful option for local moves, but when moving long distances in Canada, it becomes necessary because of the health and safety regulations preventing drivers from staying on the road for too long. Still, the 3 most common reasons for using storage facilities during a long distance move are:

    1. Store to Wait – Generally speaking, whatever you pack will be unpacked at your new place of residence. But there may be some question marks over the space available until you see it for yourself.
      Your new place may be smaller, so you’re not sure if there will be room for your extensive personal library. Or maybe permanent fixtures in your living room mean the interior dimensions will not accommodate your present suite of furniture. In all the similar cases, you may want to store some of your items until you find a place for them. Once that’s worked out, you can pick them up from your Toronto storage.
    2. Store to Declutter – Sometimes you already know what items are not coming with you on your move, but you have not made a decision yet on how to dispose of them. Perhaps a family member wants your couch, but can’t collect it for a few days. Or maybe you want to sell off your old golf clubs, gym machines and other hobby related items, but it may be necessary to keep them in storage for a few days before getting rid of them at a weekend market or yard sale.
      Often, homeowners looking to sell will store some items to ensure their home is uncluttered and is looking more attractive to buyers. The storage period can range from a couple of days while the property is open for viewings, or it can be for several weeks if the seller prefers.
    3. Overnight Storage – The most common reason for hiring Toronto storage services is that long-haul journeys take several days. This is pretty logical when you consider the timetable adhered to by your long distance moving company. Toronto to Halifax is over 1,100 miles and will take about 24 hours to drive, while Vancouver is over 2,700 miles away and will take close to 48 hours to drive.
      While you might opt to make your own way (whether by car, train or plane), with your Toronto moving company moving your items, spending such long hours on the road means that at least one overnight stop will be needed. Having your items stored in Toronto storage facility is a lot better than parking overnight on the street or a truck rest, as getting your items to their new home safely is the priority.

Usually, because these stop-overs are agreed in advance as part of the moving itinerary, the cost of renting overnight Toronto storage facilities is included in the fees for the move. But it’s important to always ask about this and not to simply assume it.

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