Toronto Moving Tips: Plastic Moving Bins vs. Cardboard Boxes

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Have you ever wondered why plastic moving bins have gained so much popularity as of late? Aside from being an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard products, they carry the benefits of convenience, protection, efficiency and reduced cost!

Renting moving bins in Toronto means eliminating the need to put together or break down boxes, which results in huge time savings before and after your move. In fact, with foldable lids attached directly to the bins, there is absolutely no work involved in sealing and unsealing these containers. When going through a highly stressful event like moving your home, the last thing you want to do is add more work or stress for yourself. This is also the reason our moving bins come with free delivery and pick-up, which can typically be arranged at a time most convenient for you.

Our bins also provide substantially more protection for your items than traditional moving boxes. Since they are made of high grade plastic, they are built to withstand any damage while keeping your belongings intact. Moving boxes can potentially collapse if they are loaded or put together improperly – especially when packing heavy items – and the result is damage to the contents of the box as well as anything stacked on top. Plastic Moving Bins stack very well as they were designed specifically for this purpose, meaning the potential for disaster is eliminated.

One thing most people don’t consider is how involved the process of packing a moving truck is. Stacking cardboard boxes safely while maximizing the use of space takes thought, care, and a little planning. For this reason our professional Toronto movers love working with our moving bins and are typically able to reduce overall move times significantly. With each and every bin being the same size there is no guess work when it comes to packing a truck, and decreasing the total time on your move translates to and easier moving day as well as savings on your final bill. While cardboard boxes still have an important place in the moving sphere, this combination of safety, convenience, and savings (of both time and money) makes using moving bins a no brainer for house-to-house or office moves.

Let’s not also forget about the environmental impact and sustainability that these eco-friendly bins provide. By helping to reduce the production and consumption of paper products, not only are you making a smart choice for moving day but you are helping out our environment as well. You can enjoy a sense of social responsibility knowing you are helping sustain our ecology by moving in a greener way!

About the Author

Rocky Fuda is a professional mover with several years of moving experience which has carried him throughout the city of Toronto, the GTA, Southern Ontario, and to every major city in Canada. His lengthy career in our industry has provided him a wealth of knowledge and experience not only in local moving, but also long-distance moving, international moving, industrial moving, commercial moving, and packing as well. While he is extremely well-versed in all aspects of residential and commercial moving, he specializes in moving high-value items such as pianos, heavy safes, statues, and more. His passion and commitment towards helping clients create a stress-free moving experience is unrivalled, and it has inspired him to author these articles in order to foster a greater level of education among consumers. It is his hope that this will help people to make better-informed decisions about hiring a professional mover, and create more positive moving experiences for customers everywhere.

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Viktoria Professional Movers Toronto is a professional moving company operating out of Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, providing high quality local and long distance moving services throughout the GTA, Southern Ontario and across Canada. Thanks to our country-wide network we are also able to service our clients’ long distance moving needs throughout Canada. By helping to educate our clients on topics that can help them plan and execute a successful move, we are fulfilling our directive of taking the stigma out of hiring professional movers, and helping to make the moving process a stress free experience overall. To hear first-hand about our high quality moving services, please visit Homestars page where you can read reviews on our company submitted by many of our satisfied customers.

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