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What would you expect to get when you looking for a residential moving service in Toronto, ON or elsewhere in Canada? Your shortlist most likely would include having your Toronto moving company that be on time, have a crew of professional Toronto movers that know what they’re doing, and a truck (or two) that will not break down and delay the whole moving process.

Another aspect that has become standard in the moving industry is the availability of quality packing materials. It’s understandable, especially when you consider packing your possessions safely depends greatly on the quality of the materials used. Finding such materials on your own can take a bit of research and quite an investment of time.

Here’s a quick guide to give you an idea as to what packing materials you’ll need.

Packing Materials You’ll Need

The list of packing materials typically needed when moving homes in Toronto, ON or elsewhere in Canada is pretty straightforward. You will need practical wrapping materials to protect your belongings from scratches, vibrations and the impact from bumps and falls, boxes to put items in, and some supplies for packing, and sealing.

In general, residential moving service companies in Toronto will have a set list of packing supplies, but experienced Toronto movers should be able to identify specific packing materials needed in your particular situation. This, of course, depends on what the items being packed are.

The basic list would normally include:

  • cardboard moving boxes
  • specialty moving boxes, like wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, lamp boxes, dish boxes, flat screen TV boxes
  • packing peanuts
  • tissue paper or unprinted newspaper
  • bubble wrap
  • packing tape
  • moving blankets for furniture

Box sizes range from small to extra large, and are usually measured by cubic feet. Some frequently used special boxes are dish pack and wardrobe boxes, but mirror, picture and even mattress boxes are also available.

  • small box (1.5-2 cu. ft.) – for books, magazines, newspaper, DVDs, small general items like small sculptures, kitchen pantry
  • medium box (3-4 cu. ft.) – for clothes, linnen, slightly larger items, or for larger general items
  • large box (5-6 cu. ft) – for pillows, bulky items, larger item, lamps, toys
  • dish pack box (5.1 cu. ft.) – designed with double extra thick walls perfect for dishes, glasses, vases, lamps, breakables
  • wardrobe box (14 cu. ft.) – contains a cross rung so clothes can be hung just as in a wardrobe

How Much Packing Materials You’ll Need

This is the grey area, with precise numbers are hard to calculate, however it may depend on the amount of items you want to move. For example, for moving your library of books you’ll need a larger number of small sized boxes.

A good residential moving service in Toronto should be able to handle any kind of move, whether the client is moving from a small apartment or a large family home. The number of bedrooms may vary, and extra spaces like guest rooms and home offices will change things.

As a guide, however, the average family home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, living room and dining room. Using this as a model, Toronto moving companies should offer between 90 and 100 boxes, the vast majority of which would be made up of small, medium and large packing boxes. The per-room breakdown reads something like this:

  • Kitchen – 20 boxes: 4 small, 6 medium, 4 large, 6 dish pack (for bulky kitchen appliances)
  • Living Room – 14 boxes: 4 small, 4 medium, 4 large, 2 dish pack boxes
  • Dining Room – 6 boxes: 2 medium, 4 dish pack boxes
  • Bedroom – 14 boxes: 2 small, 5 medium, 5 large, 2 wardrobe boxes
  • Master Bedroom – 23 boxes: 3 small, 6 medium, 8 large, 6 wardrobe boxes
  • Bathroom – 4 boxes: 2 small, 2 large

When it comes to other packing materials, like packing paper, bubble wrap and tape, then there are also general amounts issued by Toronto residential moving companies. For example, 1 roll of tape is usually enough for every 10 boxes (so 9-10 tape), while 25 lbs of packing paper is usually enough for every 10 cubic feet of packing. That’s enough for 5 small, 2.5 medium, 1.5 large and 2 dish pack boxes. An average of about 1 ft of bubble wrap is needed per box too, so about 9 rolls of 12 feet-long sheets is necessary.


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