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Reusable Plastic Boxes for Making Your Toronto Move Greener

Eco Friendly Moving - Green Movers Toronto

So, cardboard boxes may be cheap and useful, but they do little to aid the environment. That’s why most environmentally responsible Toronto moving companies are investing more and more in reusable plastic boxes for packing. There are compelling practical reasons to do so. Reusable plastic boxes are made […]

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Reusable Plastic Boxes: Do They Really Make A Difference?

Eco Friendly Moving - Green Movers Toronto

Earlier this month, I wrote a post looking at how a move could be made less of a blow for dear old Mother Nature. In that post, several ways were dealt with but by far the most practical was to cut down on packing materials and use a […]

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Toronto Moving Tips: Plastic Moving Bins vs. Cardboard Boxes

Plastic Moving Bins - Moving Boxes Toronto

Have you ever wondered why plastic moving bins have gained so much popularity as of late? Aside from being an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard products, they carry the benefits of convenience, protection, efficiency and reduced cost! Renting moving bins in Toronto means eliminating the need to […]

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