The Hidden Costs of Moving House in Toronto

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During the Viktoria Professional Movers Toronto Blog’s existence, we have touched on a variety of different challenges associated with moving houses, but one topic we are yet to discuss is the unexpected monetary costs that can be associated with a move. Budgeting for a move can be a challenge for some and the idea of ‘saving up’ to afford to move houses certainly seems like a strange idea, but as you’ll see later in this entry, it can be a good idea to avoid going into some unwanted debt on the big day. Depending on what type of moving situation you are approaching, there will be different types of expenses. We never seem to factor these costs into the moving process, so in this article we will truly assess how much money we should have prepared when planning a big move.

The first thing to consider is transportation costs. Depending on whether you are planning to hire a moving service or load up a van by yourself, you will inevitably have to spend some money on transportation. Many Toronto moving van rental companies include extra costs depending on how far you are moving, not to mention a stipulation that you must refill the truck with gas upon its return. On the other hand, a moving service will generally cost you more than hiring a moving truck yourself, but with companies that value excellent customer service (such as Viktoria Professional Movers Toronto), you can trust that your items will arrive safely and in good time. This way you don’t have to deal with the added stress of planning your move around van availability.

Depending on where you are moving to, there may be a number of extra costs associated with moving houses that are not necessarily related to transportation. For instance, if you are planning on renting your new digs, there will almost always be some kind of security deposit required, but for certain managed apartment buildings there are likely to be extra charges such as move in fees, FOB rentals, parking spot fees and move-in damage deposits. Whilst a lot of these building fees are refundable and are simply for insurance purposes, it’s certainly a relief to have all of your money prepared to ensure that everything is accounted for, that way you don’t have to scramble for it at the last minute. Aside from all of these preliminary moving costs, it is likely that there will be some secondary costs associated with moving that you may not have taken into account prior to the big day. For instance, people are often either upsizing or downsizing when moving houses, so either buying new furniture to fill out certain spaces, or disposing of old furniture that does not fit in this new space is likely to cost you more money. You should also take into account any fees that may build up through unexpected damage and breakages.

Whilst some people will undoubtedly make the necessary plans for these kinds of extra expenses, most people will not budget effectively to take into account all of these factors. Like most of our tips on the Viktoria Professional Movers Toronto Blog, we always emphasize that effective planning can make or break a move, so even in the case of effective budgeting, it’s always important to plan out your supposed costs. For more helpful moving tips, feel free to visit our other blog posts at the Viktoria Professional Movers Calgary Blog and the Viktoria Professional Movers Halifax Blog.

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