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The most logical way of avoiding the pitfalls that could arise during Toronto office moving is to hire professional Toronto office movers – and our company just happens to provide exactly that! This article, however, is for those who are more prone to DIY.

We have broken the office relocation planning process down to 8 key periods to help make your Toronto office move get properly organized and run smoothly.

Preparing Your 8-Point Office Moving Plan

  1. 6 Months Before
    This is the ideal time to start getting the wheels in motion, with plenty of time before you Toronto office moving day to sort out any complicated issues. The key steps at this initial stage are:

    • Establish an Office Moving Committee – You can’t do it all (don’t even try), so select a small number of staff to oversee the various aspects of the move. Usually 2 people is enough, but you may need 3-5 people.
    • Select a Space Planner and Interior Designer – A space planner can organize the layout of your new Toronto office in advance so your Toronto office movers will know where every desk, chair and filing cabinet are going to be. An interior designer can assess design aspects. It may not seem important, but everything that affects the space available needs to be considered.
    • Consult your IT staff – You want to make sure communications systems, including internet connectivity, suffer a minimum disruption in the build-up to, during and immediately after your office move. So you need to discuss how best to achieve this.
    • Request cost estimates – Get your Office Moving Committee to start looking for the best-value professional Toronto office moving companies. Keep in mind that low cost can sometimes translate to low standards, so don’t make a decision on cost alone. Check Yelp and Homestars to review Toronto office movers.
    • Identify initial layout of computer facilities – One of the most important elements of any office moving plan is identifying the best computer set-up infrastructure. Ensure power points are close to desks and computer cables can be tucked away neatly.
  2. 3 Months Before – Get the Moving Committee again to get updates on how things are progressing. Each member should prepare a complete report on their specific area of responsibility. Some of these areas include choosing the new telecommunications system, necessary office design changes identified and an adequate computer infrastructure designed.
  3. 2 Months Before – With 60 days to go before the move, it’s time to nail things down. So, you need to have supply, telecommunication and floor plans confirmed, like the telephone service, stationery supplies, copier service, and plant service. Now’s also a good time to make a final decision on a Toronto Office moving company.
  4. 1 Month Before – This is when the nuts and bolts of the moving day plan needs to be decided, like the packing procedure and prioritizing items for unpacking and re-assembling. It’s also when you start to brief the staff on what is happening and their responsibilities (packing their own desk items). You should also notify customers of the impending move. Appoint a customer liaison officer they can contact with any queries.
  5. 2 to 3 Weeks Before – Time to check on the status of parking spaces, that security is fully briefed and that all of the relevant keys are available. Also, meet with your selected Toronto office moving services provider should be fully aware of the floor plan layout and furniture removal strategy.
  6. 1 Week Before – With D-Day (M-Day?) around the corner, update your staff on the events of moving day and their roles to play. It’s a good idea to provide them with guides on good packing techniques, and to timetable the packing process. You can also start to label furniture and double-check floor plans.
  7. 1 Day Before – The final packing and labeling should be done, but at the new premises make sure the phones are up and running. Post floor plans up on the walls so staff can check out where their new desks and workstations are located.
  8. Moving Day – Keep non-essential personnel away on moving day, so only moving teams and members of the Moving Committee should be on-site. IT staff should be there too to make sure that the computer systems are set up and are running. Everything should be unpacked and in their proper place in time for the first day’s operation in your new office.

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