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It can be easy to become quite attached to your plants, houseplants can bring life to a room through their fantastic smell and look, and regular garden plants can be grown and nurtured over time to become an iconic part of your outdoor space. The main problem with keeping and maintaining plants (which is partially what makes them appealing) is that they are fragile, and moving them sometimes can mean risking their life, and all that hard work and maintenance. Below are some tips to ensure that when you move your plants in Toronto, ON or elsewhere in Canada, they arrive at your new home safely, and that you don’t lose those fantastic memories that are associated with your old home:

Act at the right time – Try and move your plants either at the start or end of the summer, as the dryness can often stress plants and make re-planting them very difficult. Dry summers aren’t typically a problem in Toronto, but it might not be worth taking the risk, so to plan your move for the spring or autumn is a good idea.

Do your research – There are often unique problems that arise when moving plants, mainly due to their status as living things. Firstly, check with your moving company as to whether they can assist with moving your plants, some companies don’t have policies that allow for this. Secondly, be aware of long distance/cross country moves, as moving plants across international borders can be tricky and there are often strict regulations that can make this a tough process.

Move smaller plants yourself – For small house plants, try and move them in your car. Not only will it reduce the stress of wondering whether your movers will treat the plants correctly, but you can also watch and maintain them more closely. Toronto can get extremely cold in the winter, so it’s worth bringing plants indoors with you at every stage of the move; just treat them like you would treat a pet, regulate the temperature and give them lots of water!

For outdoor plants, prepare – It’s important to plan carefully, especially when moving outdoor plants. Try to prepare the planting site well before you arrive, so that as soon as you get there you can plant your favourite tree. Also, make sure to bring along some water to keep the roots moist during the trip. The cold Toronto weather doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rush, outdoor plants are more likely to die in dry heat, it’s just worthwhile to make sure potted plants aren’t left out in the cold for too long.

Be observant of changes – There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new garden and finding that it doesn’t fit the needs of your plants. Be sure to observe the soil quality and use plenty of plant food and water to help them adjust. Also observe the new climate, certain plants may not fair well in certain temperatures. Finally, it’s worth observing the air quality in your new home’s area. Thankfully Toronto is known for fairly good air quality, so this shouldn’t affect your plants drastically.

Damage Control – There’s a number of steps you can take to maintain the general health of the plants prior to the move. Firstly, you can trim back any foliage that you think may interfere with the moving process and risk snagging the plant. You can also tie back any crucial branches or leaves that stick out to further prevent snagging or branches breaking. Finally, it’s a good idea to treat your plants for pests and diseases before moving, this will help you start your new garden without any worries of infecting other plants.

As you can see, there’s a lot of factors one needs to consider when moving their plants between houses. We have to consider the differences between transporting house plants and garden plants, the climate and location, the policies of our moving companies, the time of year and much more. A city with extreme temperatures in various seasons such as Toronto takes special consideration, and moving outside of the city will take some extra planning. Still, if these instructions are followed carefully, moving your beloved plants should be a breeze and if you’re careful, your new home should have the charm of your old one in no time.

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