Placing Your Items in Toronto Storage: The Potential Pitfalls and What to Look Out For

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Whether you are staging your home in Toronto ON, living in a temporary residence, or simply lack the space to store important items for the long-term, you may find yourself shopping around for Toronto storage space at some point in the moving process. While renting out a rectangular space in someone’s building may seem like a straightforward proposal, it’s important to understand that there is a lot more to making the decision than choosing a storage facility in Toronto with a convenient location and finding the lowest price. Not only is it important to research the storage facility / storage company in Toronto you will be storing your items with, but you must also consider your specific storage needs when choosing the size/type of locker you will be renting (and if you need a locker at all) as well as the services offered by the storage facility in Toronto.

Security and safety should be your number one concern; nothing will cause you more stress or heartache than dealing with stolen or damaged items. When it comes to security, simply placing a lock on your storage locker is not a guarantee that the contents are safe. While using a good quality padlock is a prudent choice, the probability of having your locker broken into will be influenced much more by the overall security precautions taken by any Toronto storage facility.

Not only should there be an adequate security system that includes a combination of security cameras and alarms, but the surveillance cameras should be recording all input into a DVR that is indexed by time/date, and that allows video to be played back at least 2-3 months into the past. There are a surprising number of facilities that have camera systems that either don’t record the incoming video feed (and are only effective for live monitoring purposes) or erase the recordings within a short timeframe, completely negating their value in investigating past events (such as a break-in). Not only can video tape prove to be invaluable in a worst-case scenario of theft, but thieves typically inform themselves of the capabilities of a facility’s security system before they attempt a break-in, and a good system is in itself a deterrent. Thieves will almost certainly be targeting specific items in within specific lockers, and the lack of adequate surveillance in any area/facility increases the potential for theft.

In light of the fact that most theft is targeted/pre-planned, a locker located indoors in an area with minimal pedestrian traffic and exposure to the outer world is much safer than an outdoor locker. If people can’t see what is being loaded into a locker, they are less likely to risk breaking into it. If the access to specific areas of a facility is restricted, it further lessens the chance of theft. If you do choose an outdoor locker, make sure it is in a conspicuous, well-lit location in a highly-visible area that can be seen from the street.

The second concern most consumers have is climate/temperature control, as there are certain items which must be stored within a specific temperature range in order to avoid damage. A large number of Toronto storage facilities are not climate controlled, and the ones advertising “climate controlled” storage often make a claim that is slightly misleading. The assumption made by most people when they hear “climate controlled” is that the facility will be heated in the winter, air conditioned in the summer, and all presumably to room temperature. The truth is the vast majority of facilities are heated to a minimum temperature (typically around 10 degrees Celsius) during the winter, and rely only on insulation to keep the inner temperature of the building cooler than the outside temperature during the summer. Now, for the majority of items you will need to store this is perfectly safe, as you will avoid the extreme temperature changes that typically result in condensation build-up, damage to electronic items, stress to wood furniture, etc. What’s most important is getting the full details on what methods are used to control temperature/moisture within a storage facility in Toronto, and what temperatures will be maintained at all times. If you have any items of extraordinary value that have specific requirements for care, make sure you verify that these requirements will be met while in storage in Toronto.

The final consideration is whether or not you will be hiring a professional moving services in Toronto to transfer your items into storage or handling this task on your own. If you’ve decided to work with Toronto professional movers, remember that you will be paying them by the hour for their services. When comparing the price of a locker in one storage facility to another, consider the ease of access to the locker in each location. Any obstacles encountered along the path between the moving truck and the locker (i.e. staircases, elevators, long walkways, etc.) can significantly impact the time involved in loading all of your items into your unit. Adding as little as 30 minutes to an hour to your final bill on moving day will often negate any savings generated by choosing one Toronto storage company over another.

By the same token, you will need to make a very important decision regarding protecting your items while in storage. As a professional mover, I always recommend keeping furniture and valuable items wrapped in blankets while they are in storage. Items will need to be packed as tightly and efficiently as possible in order to maximize the use of space, and it is never a good idea to have two unprotected surfaces touching each other as there is a high probability that items will get scratched or damaged. If you do choose to protect your items with blankets you would typically need to rent or purchase these materials, adding to the cost of storage. Most Toronto moving and storage companies, such as Viktoria Professional Movers, will allow you to use their blankets for protection at no extra cost if you are renting a locker from the company itself, as opposed to storing with a public facility, reducing the overall cost of storage.

Considering that a commercial or residential professional moving company in Toronto will take the time to shrink-wrap and blanket-wrap (also referred to as “pad-wrapping”) all of your items before they enter the moving truck, they will also already be prepared for storage and will not need any further wrapping. If your Toronto movers do not need to spend time un-wrapping items before they enter the storage space, this will reduce the overall time spent completing the moving process, and further save you money. It also means when it is time to move out of the locker, the time that would normally be spent re-wrapping all of your items is also eliminated, extending the savings even further. This is the main reason a lot of customers choose to use the same Toronto moving company for both their moving and storage needs. When you combine the convenience of dealing with one company for both moving and storage, as well as the benefits of reducing your overall costs and having your items receive the maximum amount of protection, the decision becomes a no-brainer.

At Viktoria Professional Movers we offer clients both options. If they choose to store with us we waive the costs associated with providing blankets for protection, however if a client chooses to store their items in another storage facility, we offer a very reasonable low-cost option for renting our blankets. This way clients can still enjoy the benefits of the time and money savings on their move along with full protection for their items.

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